Thursday, August 27, 2009

Model Behavior

Who: Ekaterina V., Journalist / Model

What: We loved the bold mix of proportions here: short shorts, a long sleeved jacket -and sky-high ruffled red heels.

Where: Grand Central area


  1. you look absolutely gorgeous!!!!! great taste! beautifull stuff!!!!where did you shop? ))

  2. You are welcome!
    Wish you good luck with your blog and become as much successful as
    "Julie & Julia's" blog story))))

  3. Thank you! My best friend is designer, so it is his chemise, he did it, i mean! Bag is Calvin Klein and shoes are cheap one but I love them it is Topshop from Kate Moss. Short are form VS. I go to different places to shop))) cheap and expensive, i just buy what i like i do not care!
    Best regards, Ekaterina